Bulgarian Wedding Customs

Bulgarian wedding traditions will be colorful, unforgettable, and deeply touching. The culture and history at the rear of these customs help shape the unique connection that lovers share.

Ahead of the wedding ceremony, wedding brides often perform rituals that be sure the new couple’s marriage may be a happy a person. These traditions can include kicking a vase filled with white and purple flowers or perhaps pouring barley on the groom’s head to repel evil spirits.

The groom’s finest man or groom’s dad will also make a banner pole by a fruits tree which can be used at the reception to attract fortune and look after the newlyweds from undesirable energy. The pole can be decorated with frills and other decorations that reflect the woman and groom’s personalities and beliefs.

There are also a number of other Bulgarian https://russiansbrides.com/bulgarian-women/ traditions which have been passed down via generations that can add a contact of entertaining to any wedding party celebration. From singing songs away from couple’s home on their honeymoon to receiving gifts from friends and family, these customs play a crucial role https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5463606 in helping lovers transition in married life with love and joy.


Traditional Bulgarian music and breaking a leg are an essential part of most of these events, which include the church wedding ceremony and the reception. From folk tunes that have been cherished with respect to generations to more contemporary pop music, there’s some thing for everyone to enjoy.

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